About our Candles

Why Choose Our Soy Wax Candles:

  • Small Batch Craftsmanship: Each and every one of our soy wax candles is lovingly hand-poured in small batches. This ensures that every candle is a work of art, made with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

  • Eco-Friendly Ingredients: Our candles are crafted using 100% all-natural soy wax sourced from renewable and sustainable resources. We are dedicated to not only providing you with a beautiful product but also doing our part to protect the environment.

  • Reusable Jars: Our candles come in charming mason jars that are not only recyclable but also reusable. Once your candle has burned down, repurpose the jar for storage, crafts, or as a decorative element in your home.

  • Phthalate-Free Oils: We prioritize your well-being and the purity of our fragrances. That's why we use Phthalate-free oils to ensure that you can enjoy our candles without any concerns about harmful chemicals.

  • Clean Burning: Our candles are dye-free, soot-free, and gluten-free, catering to diverse preferences and sensitivities. We are proud to offer candles that are vegan-friendly, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

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