About Us

Jack and Brookelyn are natives of Orangeville, they’ve grown up in the outdoors, playing hockey at the rink as well in the backyard. They also have spent a great deal of time at the track, riding dirt bikes and racing motocross. They are country kids at heart and this gave them an almost innate connection to nature and everything wellness. When their mom would light candles, they loved how the scents could take them back to places they’ve been, or the smells that became the welcome scent of home. Once they actually learned that the bulk of candles are toxic, they found out that using soy wax is much safer than paraffin. One candle at a time they created their candles for family, except that spread – word got out and suddenly they were inundated with requests from the community. As a brother & sister team they decided to turn Kindmoose into a business.


Meet the KINDMOOSE Team

JACKCo-Founder/ Candle Maker/ Shipping

Jack is involved with production,manages the shipping department.

Jack is involved with production,manages the shipping department.

Jack  is currently away at school pursuing his dreams of becoming a commercial airline pilot in New Brunswick.



Co-Founder,  Design/ Social Media/Photographer/Order Fulfillment

Brookelyn fulfills incoming orders.  Brookelyn also takes pictures for our website and social media as she shares the love of photography like her mom.

Brookelyn just recently graduated as  commercial airline pilot in New Brunswick and currently working in the Northwest Territories however she  helps out  KINDMOOSE online.




Customer Service/Design/Photographer/Order Fulfilment

Heather (Mom & retired Flight Attendant after 33 years) now runs the show and holds down the fort, to  keep the operations running smoothly and ensuring top-notch customer service.  




Geoff (Dad) – Helps make candles and organize supplies. When Geoff is not making candles, he works at Air Canada as a commercial airline pilot.