Coming off of a fantastic Family Day weekend seemed like the perfect time to tell you, our loyal and prospective customers, a little bit about who we are and where our family business, Kindmoose Candle Co. came from!

I will start by introducing you to the two who started it all – Brookelyn and Jack, brother and sister duo from Orangeville, ON. These adventurous young entrepreneurs have grown up with a love of sports, adventure and the outdoors. They share a love of hockey, dirt bikes and racing motocross – never a dull moment in our house! These two are country kids at heart and have an innate connection to nature and wellness.

Kindmoose began as a fun and creative project between a brother and a sister – Brookelyn, then 15 and Jack, then 13, always loved how the scent of a candle brought back wonderful family memories…so why not make their own?! After learning that the bulk of candles are actually toxic, they found a much safer, healthier option. After some initial research, practice and failed attempts, it wasn’t long until they were hand-pouring candles that they could sell to their friends and family. The word quickly spread and their customer base extended well beyond their friends and family and Kindmoose Candle Co. emerged into a full family business in our basement!

As mentioned above, wellness is extremely important to Brookelyn and Jack and so finding ingredients that were non-toxic and safer to burn was extremely important and that is what makes Kindmoose so unique. We use only soy, an organic ingredient that is much safer than paraffin and all of our candles are poured with love…yup, you heard that right…each and every candle that you see on our website or on the shelves at one of our retail partners has been hand-poured in our Dufferin County home.

Our home has transformed to accommodate the needs of the business and our basement is now pretty much a candle factory - and we wouldn’t change a thing! Our candles are not only hand-poured, they are also hand labelled! Every saying on every candle has been created in our basement! On top of that, all of our promo photos, web design, order taking, order processing, and every ounce of admin work is done by a member of the family…in the basement!

So, to say that Kindmoose is a labour of love would be an understatement - Kindmoose requires the talents of our entire family – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We will always put quality above everything else to ensure that you love your Kindmoose products!